As the founder of LinkedIn Reboot and Reboot for Business, Katie Fogarty’s work has helped people transform their LinkedIn profiles, personal brands and career opportunities. And with a background writing for morning TV news, working for a global PR firm and even for a U.S. Senator, Katie’s experience in public relations and journalism has given her a perfect combination of skills to help others summarize their personal stories on their LinkedIn pages. 

In today’s episode of I Want Her Job: The Podcast, Katie shares the benefits of making a LinkedIn profile page that displays the best of what you have to offer and explains why you should give your presence on the social network more attention.

Topics discussed:

  • Easy ways to start engaging on LinkedIn
  • Ideas to build stronger connections via the platform
  • Ways to improve your visibility.
  • Three mistakes people make on LinkedIn 
  • Future trends on the platform, why LinkedIn is “a conversation” and Katy’s favorite tools for running her personal business.

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