Making decisions is critical for any CEO. But today’s Leading Lady has a Master’s in the art.

In this episode of I Want Her Job: The Podcast, Denyelle Bruno, CEO of Los-Angeles based health-conscious restaurant Tender Greens talks to us about the importance of ensuring that senior leaders understand how vital it is to ensure that decisions are received and understood throughout multiple levels of an organization. And, she would know a thing or two about this, because in addition to her current role, she previously served as president of retail operations for Drybar, where she led the opening of 55 locations. And if that wasn’t impressive enough, in addition to that, Denyelle also was one of only seven people who worked with Steve Jobs to open the first 25 Apple stores. Her career experience also includes roles as vice president of retail for PUREBEAUTY and at Peet’s Coffee & Tea in vice president roles focused on retail strategy and market expansion, as well as retail marketing and operations.

The advice that comes from a career tenure like Denyelle’s is gold. And, after all of her experience, one of the most important pieces of advice she has for all of us is simple, yet gutsy:

Ask for the role you want. As Denyelle shares in our conversation, almost every role in her successful career has resulted from her asking for it.

It’s an important lesson to remember, especially as many of us often think that if we just work hard enough, and broaden our skill set and experience, then the offers will come directly to us. And while this happens sometimes, what we’ve been reminded of during our chat with Denyelle is that if you really want the job, ask for it. But first, listen to today’s episode for tips on how to ask for it from the expert herself. After all, you never know if this could be the move that changes the course of your career … forever.

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