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Polina Selyutin

Polina Selyutin has been the host of not just one but two hit podcasts, Meant for It and I Want Her Job.

Meant for It has resided at the top of the career podcast lists for several years, according to Macs List.

Polina, a first-generation Russian immigrant from Minsk, Belarus was taught at a young age the importance of Tikkun Olam, a Hebrew phrase meaning to “repair the world” “My parents came to the United States for a better life for themselves and their children and were extremely indebted to this country for what it offered them, Selyutin said. “They taught me to be grateful for all of life’s blessings, to work hard and focus on education.”

Polina is always attempting to give back to others – friends and family and to people she has yet to meet, through her podcasts and other projects.  Polina’s experience of immigration was a challenge. Her family needed to adjust to a new country, language and culture, but also needed to advise her in finding a career that suited her talents and passions. Their advice was often practical and not rooted in chasing a dream or passion. This challenge of finding a career was one of the reasons Polina co-founded I Want Her Job– Selyutin’s goal was to find career life stories that inspire her listeners to think differently and provoke a needed change in their life.

Embracing podcasts came naturally to the tech-savvy Selyutin, who considers her curiosity one of her superpowers.

“I fell for podcasting instantly, says Selyutin. “Within a few days of listening to my first podcast in 2015, my queue and list of shows had grown to a dozen” At the time I discovered podcasting, I had two young kids under five, so finding time for reading, socializing or any intellectual activity was highly unlikely.”

“Attending lectures, extended reading, dinners with friends or other events was almost impossible, Polina added. “Once I discovered podcasts, the entire world of information and conversation I craved so deeply was only a few clicks away. I could be washing dishes, running errands or shopping at Trader Joes while in a different world listening to fascinating people discuss anything I felt like listening to. Great podcasts were my magic carpet ride, my time machine to great conversations and explorations on any topic I was curious about.  I became obsessed with having all this knowledge on demand to enjoy during different parts of my day, and excited to share my favorite shows and podcasts with others.”

After realizing this was her medium, Selyutin started a podcast in partnership with Briane Burrowes, founder of I Want Her Job  for sharing career advice and life stories with women leading the future of business in a variety of careers.

In 2021, Selyutin pivoted the podcast to Meant For It and recruited her close friend Amber Greene as a co-host.  Guests on the popular podcast have included best-selling psychologist Lori Gottlieb, end-of-life advocate BJ Miller, surfer Bethany Hamilton and educator Esther Wojcicki.

“For the last 20 years, Amber and I have had conversations about finding the balance between meaningful work and paying the bills, said Selyutin. “ I have spent hundreds of hours with Amber and other close friends, over countless wine glasses, trying to crack the code and find a way to earn a living while enjoying work and feeling like the work mattered.” 

Says Selyutin: “Our goal is for our hindsight to be other’s foresight, and help others reach a place where they feel they are meant  for the life they are living.

Amber Greene

It sounds simple: do what you love and you will never work a day in your life. My inherent passion for people-their stories, the details and nuances of their path to the present, their hopes and aspirations for the future, and their paths to realizing full and actualized lives has found its natural expression in interviewing subjects from a diverse group of professions who have found their true calling. I derive great joy from eliciting the stories of how these remarkable professionals have achieved their success, and hope that their stories will help and inspire our listeners as they seek their own path toward the sweet spot that allows them to transcend the barriers between a “good” life, and truly defining and achieving a life where their aspirations become reality. I am forever grateful that my longtime, amazing friend Polina, invited me to be her partner in rebranding the “I Want Her Job” podcast and continuing to share people’s amazing stories as the now “Meant For It” podcast.

My own path has been shaped and informed by my childhood in a small outdoors town in Oregon, my formal academic training at the University of Penn and UC Davis in psychology, and focused through the lens of the perspective gained personally and professionally as a business consultant to Fortune 500 companies and major academic institutions, a real estate investor, as a writer and reporter for a major news network, as an open ocean sailboat racer, as a ranch hand, as a wife, and as a mother. I hope that you will find our conversations with other seekers, dreamers and do-ers to be as informative and enjoyable as we do. Thanks for listening.

A podcast for sharing stories about finding the path you were meant to live. We bring you real conversations, authentic questions, vulnerable moments, advice on careers that are better for you and the world. Alongside explorations into high growth career paths and industries, we reveal roads less traveled and career choices focused on helping others.