Need some inspiration about getting involved with an issue you’re passionate about? You’ll find plenty in today’s interview with Shannon Watts. After the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, Shannon was devastated. Like many of us, she assumed the horrific tragedy would provoke outrage and change. When legislative and social change didn’t appear, and the status quo remained solidly in place, Shannon channeled her outrage and grief by starting a Facebook page for her few dozen online friends. Almost 7 years later, that single page has evolved into Moms Demand Action – a political powerhouse and one of the largest grassroots organizations in the country.

In today’s conversation, I Want Her Job The Podcast Host Polina Selyutin and Guest Co-Host Willow Older discuss Shannon’s new book, Fight Like a Mother, which is part memoir, part manual, and part manifesto. We talk about Shannon’s journey as an accidental activist and find out how Moms Demand Action is changing perceptions and creating unlikely allies in the battle for common sense gun safety legislation. 

Shannon also shares how she manages to rise above cynicism, despite unprecedented rates of gun violence. We learn why “losing forward” is a crucial part of reaching big, long-term goals. And we find out how Moms Demand Action is developing volunteer leaders across the nation.

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