Bethany Hamilton is unstoppable. Since losing her left arm at the age of 13 to a tiger shark, nothing has stopped her from living her life to the fullest. When Bethany returned to surfing just one month after losing her arm — and two years later won a national surf title — she became an inspiration for millions. The move Soul Surfer released in 2011, starring AnnaSophia Robb, shares that story. Bethany’s latest documentary, Unstoppable, offers a deeper, wider and more personal view into her life — including her early childhood, competitive surfing career, marriage and motherhood. It also follows her into magnificent waves while she surfs Jaws and other breathtaking locations.

In episode #109 of I Want Her Job The Podcast, Bethany shares how her values, family, faith and love for the ocean have guided her life path. If you need the courage to go after your deepest desires, you’ll be blown away by Bethany’s mindset. Hearing about her life, and everything she has achieved, can seem impossible and too distant to be relatable. But that is precisely why you have to listen to this conversation and put Unstoppable on your must-watch list. Bethany’s kind, compassionate and unassuming nature makes her relatable as an athlete, mother and friend. Hearing her describe how her faith and passion are her source of energy to pursue her goals, is likely to give you a boost toward turning what is possible into a reality.

In our conversation we also discuss Bethany’s other pursuits including her organization, Friends of Bethany; her new yearlong Unstoppable course; and her books, Soul Surfer, Be Unstoppable, Body & Soul and Unstoppable Me.

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