Colombian-born Renata Black lost both of her parents in an airplane accident when she was a toddler. A tragedy of this type could devastate and stunt a life. But that is not Renata’s story.

Instead, Renata shares how the loss of her parents, and her knowledge of the precious nature of life, became her competitive advantage. Renata was adopted by her aunt and uncle and was raised in Miami. She dropped out of school at 15 and returned to Colombia to stay with her grandmother. After moving back, she saw the differences between living in the United States and the poorest areas of Colombia. It gave her an early understanding of the vast differences in how people live.

Later in her 20’s, when a dream job with MTV didn’t work out, Renata purchased a ticket to travel the world. In doing so, she expanded her perspectives regarding how fellow women live in various areas of the world. It was Renata’s world travels that gave her a deep motivation and burning desire to find ways to help other women rise through microfinance. And, it was while she was volunteering in India that she had a moment of inspiration after a woman came up to her and said, “I don’t want your money, but can you teach me how to make it?” So, Renata studied under Muhammad Yunus, a Nobel Peace Prize Winner, for three months and then launched a microfinance program in India – the Seven Bar Foundation.


In 2016 Renata met Modern Family’s Sofia Vergara though a mutual friend. The two launched EBY, a direct to consumer size inclusive seamless underwear membership program. Their products are for “women who kick ass every day and who want to empower other women to kick ass, too.” Through the online subscription, you can share your style profile. Then, boxes of selected-for-you underwear will arrive every 1, 3 or 6 months. And to support other women while you support your best assets, 10% of net sales are directed to the Seven Bar Foundation– to empower women in business around the world through microfinance. In their first year they’ve helped 1,800 women and children rise out of poverty.

Renata lives her life by asking herself every morning, “What can be possible if I live outside of fear?” After listening to Renata’s story, you may be inspired to ask yourself the same question, and then take the first steps toward the living the in the answer.

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