If you’re a parent, educator or someone interested in exploring parenting topics, today’s episode is for you. Deana Thayer and Kira Dorrian, founders of the Future Focused Parenting Podcast, offer their tips and advice for parenting through this unique season of life.

Deana is a childbirth educator, birth doula and has expertise in sleep consulting, parent coaching and blended family support. Kira is a mental health professional with a private practice. She’s passionate about mental health and wellness of a whole family as a key to a positive parenting experience.

In episode #113, we talk to Deana and Kira about how to check in with our kids during the COVID-19 crisis, home schooling and parenting to raise adults. Deana reminds us to, “Keep in mind, as upside down your world feels right now, that is how upside down their world feels too.” We talk about questions you can ask your kids and warning signs that indicate when kids need may need extra support.

The Future Focused Parenting approach, according to Deana and Kira, suggests that as parents we should check in, and communicate often, with out kids so that we can identify and prevent issues from getting bigger. We also discuss the Future Focused Parenting philosophy pillars, including how to parent with a strong why, setting intentions and being proactive.

Deana and Kira bring different backgrounds to their work. Deana is a practicing Christian, and Kira defines herself as a liberal agnostic Jew. These different viewpoints help the two lean in, learn from each other and genuinely listen to different perspectives. Through their podcast, the pair have created a welcome space for exploring different approaches to family life, while revealing we often have more in common than we assumed. And that’s something we could all use more of right now.

Kira and Deanna share details about their upcoming projects including a group coaching course and an online course for helping kids with anxiety.

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