Imagine you wrote your first book in your senior year of college, found an agent, and sold the publishing and film rights before graduating. Imagine a few years later, you wrote two more novels that sold over 5 million copies and went to the premiere of the film based on your first book. This is actually the way Veronica Roth’s career started.

As the best-selling author of the Divergent series, Veronica has hard-earned advice to share on starting to write and nurturing your writing practice. With her latest book, Chosen Ones, Veronica is moving into a new phase of her writing career. In the book, the five characters from the Divergent series deal with prior trauma while adjusting to the expectations and responsibilities of their adult lives.

In this episode of  I Want Her Job The Podcast,  we discuss where Veronica finds inspiration and why she finds science fiction an easier and more interesting world for writing. Veronica shares how she discovered and learned to manage her anxiety disorder, including her experience with exposure therapy of which she says, “It’s the kind of uncomfortable that makes you better.” We talk about ways she moves through life while managing anxiety and fear. “Discomfort can be endured, and it has to be for your life to be rich,” she says.

Join us in episode #115 for this conversation, and get to know the wildly creative Veronica Roth.

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