There is something you can do one day a week that has the potential to change your life, and it I s a practice thousands of years old with proven wisdom from the beginning of civilization. In this conversation, Tiffany Shlain shares how starting a Technology Shabbat has transformed and enriched her life.

Tiffany’s new book, 24/6: The Power of Unplugging One Day a Week, explores how unplugging for 24 hours a week has actually increased her productivity, creativity, presence and connection with her family. Tiffany’s book is also a guide for how to start a Technology break in your life, with research and wisdom to support why this day of rest can be so deeply transformative. 

In our conversation, we discuss why taking a day off allows your brain to process the information and experiences from the week, while creating space for doing things you love. A tech free day also creates the space and time for connecting more deeply with your friends and family. Tiffany is an Emmy-nominated filmmaker, speaker and Webby Awards Founder with over 80 awards and distinctions for her films and work. If you are curious and enjoy exploring topics related to neuroscience, gender equality, technology or character, check out some of Tfffany’s short films.

For a quick introduction to Tiffany’s work, her two minute films Dear Parent and Dear Student may drastically change how often and when you choose to use your phone and other technology throughout the day.

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