A random act of kindness to help  furnish an apartment for someone who aged out of foster care altered the course of Georgie Smith’s life. Georgie started receiving requests from others who needed the same type of assistance. When Georgie realized there were no organizations providing this help to set up homes for kids coming out of the foster system, Georgie decided to create a Sense of Home with a model that could be repeated by other non-profits. In our conversation, Georgie shares how furnishing an apartment can help to change the future for kids coming out of foster care. We discuss the story of starting a Sense of Home, its impact and the super hero resilience Georgie finds among those she is helping. Growing up Georgie’s dad would ask her ‘What are you doing to do about it’ when she read stories of people struggling. This mindset and the example of generosity from her parents shaped Georgie’s career and life path. This story will leave you hopeful, inspired and may encourage you to ask yourself what you are going to do about the problems that move you.

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