Jessica Jackson is the Chief Advocacy Officer for Reform Alliance, an organization working to reduce the number of people in the criminal justice system by focusing on probation and parole. Jessica previously served as a Human Rights Attorney, Mayor of Mill Valley, California and National Director of #Cut50. Jessica is also getting attention for mentoring and helping Kim Kardashian with her law studies and advocacy for criminal justice reform. Kim has been studying 18 hours a week under Jessica’s guidance as she pursues a legal degree.

In our third conversation with Jessica, we discuss the progress that has been made in reducing national incarceration rates and Jessica’s current role with the Reform Alliance. Jessica’s path to criminal justice reform came from a deeply personal story that impacted her family. Shortly after she was married and had a newborn, her husband was sentenced to almost 10 years in prison for a non violent offense. This experience completely changed Jessica’s  life and set her down a path to fixing the problems she witnessed in the criminal justice system. Listen to our conversation in episode #18 where Jessica shares her personal story of  completing her law degree as a single mom, representing clients on death row and running for public office.

As someone who believes in turning anger into action, Jessica has devoted her career to public service. Listen in to hear her story and get insight into recent progress and work being done to improve our criminal justice system.

Listen to episode #18 where Jessica shares her career story. 

Listen to episode #78 where Jessica Jackson shares how to get involved in your community and public office.