If you want to learn how to tell your career or life stories in ways that will make you memorable and help others, then you will love this conversation with Bofta Yimam. Bofta is an Emmy® & Murrow Award-Winning Journalist, DC-based National TV Correspondent, TV Anchor, International Speaker, CEO and Executive Coach. 

Bofta is a self-made woman and the first Ethiopian American newscaster to receive an Emmy® for her work. Bofta started her own executive coaching business with the goal of helping people improve their lives and careers by learning how to tell their stories. We discuss the bold moves that shaped Bofta’s career path and how she dealt with adversity.

As Bofta shares in this conversation, when you are telling your story, look for the transformational moments in your life and think about the lessons you learned. Listen in to hear how your transformational experiences can help help you advance with your professional and personal goals while also helping others.