Tracy McCubbin is a professional declutterer, but what she really does is help people manage their relationship to stuff. When Tracy realized she had a talent for helping people organize their stuff, she turned it into dCluttefly, a thriving business. Recently, Tracy decided to start a service that will help others start their own decluttering and organizing businesses. The $22B storage industry, Tracy’s waiting list for her services, and the fact that most Americans cannot park in their garages due to exceed stuff, is an indicator of the market size and need for people who can help us manage what we buy.

It is easy to feel overwhelmed with the problems of the world and unable to help, but there is a way to help by making conscious choices to buy less things. In our conversation, we discuss the mental and financial impact to our health, our finances, the environment and our homes when we buy too much. In Tracy’s book, Making Space, Clutter Free: The Last Book on Decluttering You’ll Ever Need, Tracy outlines a range of 7 emotional blocks that people have related to stuff and offers advice on how to move past emotional blockers such as hanging on to the past or creating a fantasy lite. Listen in to this conversation and read Tracy’s book if you are feeling overwhelmed with the stuff in your home or if you want change your buying habits. Tracy breaks down the emotional triggers that create the urge to buy and hold on to the things that don’t serve our needs.

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