Tracy McCubbin is a professional declutterer, but what she really does is help people manage their relationship to stuff. When Tracy realized she had a talent for helping people organize their stuff, she turned it into dCluttefly, a thriving business. 

In our part 2 of our conversation with Tracy, we discuss the 7 emotional clutter blocks Tracy discovered while running her business. Tracy walks us through each emotional block and offers examples of how people use shopping or holding on to excess stuff as a way of avoiding their emotions or problems. We discuss some of the ways our society is rigged against our desire to buy less and how your home can become a more peaceful and joyful place when you remove the things that you don’t need. Whether  you are hanging on to the past, creating a fantasy life, feeling guilty about your purchases or feeling shame for not using the stuff you bought, Tracy can help. After 14 years helping people declutter their homes, Tracy has seen it all and can help people move past common emotional mistakes related to the things we own.  

Tracy’s book, Making Space Clutter Free: The Last Book on Decluttering You Will Ever Need

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