Jennifer Justice started The Justice Dept. with a goal of making women as rich as men. The company is a female-focused advisory, consulting and law firm advocating for female founders, talent, execs and brands. Its vision is, “To accelerate the success of women, women-owned businesses and women -ocused brands to achieve equality and diversity in the market, workforce and workplace as it should be.”

In this episode, Jennifer shares her path to entertainment law and the thought process behind some of the biggest decisions she’s made in her life. As the first in her family to attend college, Jennifer had no help, financial assistance, or connections to aide in her career. She made it on her own. If you’ve ever doubted your abilities, or felt like reaching her level of success seems impossible, Jennifer is here with her story to boldly declare that it’s possible. She knows. Because she did it.

Listen in to hear Jennifer share how her background has given her an edge in connecting with musicians and making independent, unconventional choices. And the same plays into her personal life – from having kids on her own to launching The Justice Dept. Named a “Game Changer” by Goop, as one of the “50 Badass Women Changing the World in 2020” by InStyle, and as one of Billboard’s “Women in Power” list-makers three times, Jennifer is known for her expertise in entertainment law. Her client list has included Jay-Z, Beyonce, Outkast, Slipknot and Mark Ronson. She later worked as EVP and general counsel at Jay-Z’s Roc Nation – helping it grow new avenues for revenue streams – from TV and film, to sports, branding and partnerships. She then worked as the president of corporate development at Superfly, a live experience company, and helped it grow revenue and raise more capital.

Jennifer understands how to structure and build successful businesses, and how to negotiate deals at the highest levels. Today’s episode of I Want Her Job The Podcast will give you a taste of how she sees the world, her advice for growing your own revenue stream, and negotiating tips to consider for your next role.

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