When the Covid lockdown started, Stella Delp was a sophomore at Stanford and determined to find a way to help. News stations were showing lines for food that were miles long, while some farms were in situations where they needed to destroy enormous amounts of food. Stella joined two friends, co-founders James Kanoff and Aidan Reilly as the third employee at newly formed Farmlink Project with the goal of reducing food waste and helping to get fresh produce to food banks. Five months later, Farmlink Project has delivered 12 millions pounds of fresh produce to food banks across the country and is currently delivering up to 1M pounds per week! Stella’s current role is Chief of Staff for a fully volunteer staff that has reached 50 full time volunteers and 140 part time volunteers.

In this conversation, Stella shares her Farmlink Project journey and insights into the food industry. Famlink Project’s latest goal is to keep growing and to create a platform that farms, food banks, and other organizations looking to feed people & reduce food waste will be able to easily access. This story will leave you feeling inspired by the possibilities for a small group of people to make a huge difference and start a movement. 

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