Jennifer Dulski has had a dream career in senior technology roles including executive leadership roles at Facebook, Google, Yahoo!, and as a founder, CEO and president for early stage startups. Jennifer’s latest project is Rising Team, where she is CEO and founder. Rising Team provides tools, data and community to turn managers into successful coaches, a role Jennifer has mastered throughout her impressive career. 

A few highlights from Jennifer’s career path include: leading Facebook Groups, where her team was responsible building and growing the Groups product. While Jennifer was president & COO of, the organization grew 10x, from 18 million users to 180 million and developed a profitable business model. Jennifer left a senior level role at Yahoo! to become co-founder and CEO of The Dealmap, a location-based deals app that Google acquired in 2011.

In this conversation, Jennifer walks us through several milestones on her career path, the decision making framework she has used throughout her roles and the mindset that has helped her succeed and actively seek new challenges. We also discuss Jennifer’s early influences and the confidence she gained from being a coxswain for the boy’s high school crew team. After this conversation, you may be persuaded to say yes to more opportunities that come your way and to try Jennifer’s “IICDTICDA” principle towards your next project. If you want to learn more about Jennifer, order her book, Purposeful: Are You a Manager or a Movement Starter, where Jennifer shares stories about her own experiences, inspiring stories of social change leaders and what she has learned about starting movements.

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