Jenn Donahue is a Navy veteran,  civil engineer, teacher and business founder. Jenn has been in charge of 1400 Navy personnel and 3 battalions, managed high profile projects as an operations engineer. Jenn has taken her education to the highest levels including a bachelors in ocean engineering, a masters and PHD in civil engineering from UC Berkeley.

In our conversation, we discuss the early origins of Jenn’s passion for building and the decisions  she made that led her to becoming an engineer and joining the navy. We talk about some of Jenn’s projects, places where Jenn has worked while serving in the navy and Jenn’s advice for others who have a deep love for building and engineering.

You will be blown away by Jenn’s accomplishments and her desire to offer mentoring to those who dream of similar career paths.

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Episode co-hosts: Amber Greene and Polina Selyutin

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