What if you could find an employer that not only allowed – but embraced – flexible work options? Enter The Second Shift, a business launched in 2014 to serve as a digital matchmaker for businesses seeking on-demand talent with professional women looking for flexible employment opportunities, including consulting and freelancing, in the fields of marketing and finance. Founded by Jenny Galluzzo and Gina Hadley, The Second Shift has caught the attention of female creatives and the media alike. (Editor’s Note: “Helping Moms Lean In, But Not Too Far” on the duo in The New York Times is a must-read.) Membership for the service is free, with The Second Shift taking a small percentage from both employer and employee once an individual is contracted.

Even prior to founding The Second Shift, Jenny and Gina had vibrant careers. Jenny worked as a television producer, booker and on-air reporter for Good Morning America, News 12 The Bronx and Plum TV. She even started her own vintage caftan clothing line, Mayer Studio. Gina hailed from the world of advertising, and before having children worked as a creative coordinator at Ogilvy & Mather on the IBM account. After becoming a mom, however, Gina embraced the life of an entrepreneur – working at Ads.com, launching and selling Urban Monkeys and launching another company, Gina Hadley Consulting.

In episode 15 of I Want Her Job: The Podcast, Editor Polina Selyutin speaks with Jenny and Gina about testing a concept prior to launch, bucking the 9-to-5 status quo, secrets to startup success and more.


  • On Building A Business: Since founding The Second Shift, Jenny and Gina have staffed more than 100 projects and currently work with more than 70 companies. This year, they’re on track to double, if not triple, those numbers.
  • Secrets To Startup Success: Jenny and Gina started small – testing The Second Shift concept for a year before launching saying, “Every time we did something, we did it very thoughtfully and pragmatically … We wanted to prove this concept without spending an enormous amount of money on development.”
  • The Way We See It: While many companies still have a ‘bed check’ mentality, The Second Shift feels confident that women placed on projects will find a way to deliver excellent results based on their preferred schedules. Change is difficult, the ladies say and, “For a lot of people, they have a lot invested in the status quo … We are trying to disrupt the way businesses look at this kind of talent. We are asking companies to change the way they look at hiring practices. We really are creating the supply and demand.”
  • Why It Works: While larger companies are often fully invested in the status quo, the needs of smaller companies are changing quickly. Because of this, many of these companies are open to flexible, project-based roles.
  • Dipping A Toe In: When you want to test a new job opportunity or industry, Jenny suggests, “Try it out for a little bit and build up your tolerance.”
  • Advice For Fellow Working Women: Jenny and Gina encourage women to stay involved in their careers, regardless of the job size or role, because it’s vital to stay engaged with the job market.
  • Parting Lessons: 1/ Just keep swimming! “The moment will pass and you don’t want to have made any decisions that are going to negatively impact that.” 2/ Pay it forward. “If you’re listening to this, and you have the opportunity to hire someone through our network, you can help create that opportunity for them and get the best.” 
  • Favorite Business Book: The Lean Startup
  • Learn More: Connect with The Second Shift on Twitter and Facebook or email them at info@thesecondshift.com