Kelley Higney, Founder & CEO of Bug Bite Thing, is an unstoppable force also known as a “mom on a mission.” When a relocation to South Florida, led to constant mosquito bites for Kelley and her daughter, Kelley started searching for solutions. After many failed attempts to help her daughter with the bites, Kelley discovered a little-known tool that uses suction to help remove insect saliva/venom from under the skin. Kelley was amazed to find that the product worked and quickly realized it was an opportunity for a business.

Kelley secured the exclusive distribution rights for the product in the U.S. and started her company, Bug Bite Thing. Then, Kelley made a bold and strategic decision to sell her house and move into a rental so she could afford to start her business.

In the early days, Kelley started by selling her product at bake sales, school events, online and through Amazon. Eventually, word of mouth created buzz around the product and Kelley was featured on the local news. As sales expanded and Kelley’s marketing skills evolved, one of Bug Bite Thing’s social media posts caught the attention of a producer of the hit show ‘Shark Tank.’ This led to a successful appearance on the show and Kelley and her mother, Ellen McAlister, partnered with inventor and entrepreneur Lori Greiner. Then, things really took off. Kelley leaped into a new level of sales and took on the challenges of quick growth.

In our conversation, we discuss Kelley’s path from discovering the product now known as Bug Bite Thing, to early sales and how Kelley is managing her business today. If you are interested in entrepreneurial stories, you will love this episode and Kelley’s advice for people who want to pursue their own entrepreneurial dream.

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