If you have had issues receiving or giving performance feedback (who hasn’t?), this conversation is for you. Therese Huston’s role as a Cognitive Scientist at Seattle University involves finding ways to help professionals do their best work. Therese’s third book, Let’s Talk, focuses on how to deliver feedback and create conversations that lead to growth and stronger relationships.

Although you have probably read about this topic before, ‘Let’s Talk’ is different because Therese’s unique style of writing and communicating her findings is truly easy to understand, remember, and apply. ‘Let’s Talk’ could be an excellent handbook for every manager interested in delivering feedback in ways that create psychological safety, propose constructive solutions, and instill a collaborative framework.  In our conversation we discuss different feedback styles, how to listen and set good intentions, how to set up two-way conversations, tips for creating psychological safety, best practices for frequency of feedback, and surprising research about the praise to criticism ratio.

This conversation is filled with actionable tips and advice for managers, parents or anyone who wants to get better at sharing feedback. We also recommend our podcast conversation with Therese Huston from 2016 on her book How Women Decide: What’s True, What’s Not, and What Strategies Spark the Best Choices. In podcast episode 21, we discussed high-pressure decision making, the gender myth, and tactical advice that may help you when you’re stuck trying to make your own decisions.

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