Adventure and people lover, Laura Fravel had a dream job producing television broadcasts and digital content for National Geographic, and later, after moving West, as an independent producer for outlets such as Discovery Channel, The New York Time and Amazon. In our conversation, we discuss Laura’s second shift from storytelling for media and brands, to helping solopreneurs, entrepreneurs and thought-leaders tell their story. While Laura loved the first half of her career, personal circumstances and new priorities led her on a different (more fulfilling) path. Reflecting on her career, Laura commented, “I think at different points in our life we might be meant to do different things for different people.”

We discuss the turning point that led Laura to becoming a brand strategist and the story of how Laura created her business. We also cover Laura’s favorite business resources, a few lessons Laura has learned while building her own brand and Laura’s advice for outsourcing housework and technical support.

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