Growing up in Catalonia, Spain with parents who exposed Anna Schlegel to engineering and art infused Anna with an adventurous spirit and a strong work ethic. Anna’s graduate studies in languages led her to a translation job in Silicon Valley where Anna started her own translation company in San Francisco when she saw a gap in the market. Eventually, Anna’s translation skills led to a job in localization for Cisco. After several jobs in high tech, Anna landed at NetApp.

At NetApp, Anna’s skills blossomed and she was  offered more responsibilities and promotions due to her growing abilities and commitment to constant learning. As you will hear in our conversation, Anna is a true believer and practitioner of immersing and training herself in new fields such as management, technology and innovation.  Based on Anna’s performance and growing responsibilities, her mindset and career strategy is working. Anna’s job success led to her current role as VP of Global Portfolio to Market where Anna is managing four different teams. In our conversation, we discuss Anna’s career path and how her international perspective and early influences shaped her work ethic. We also discuss Anna’s drive to learn, how Anna is contributing through volunteer work and how to put yourself in a place where the  opportunities find you.

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