Today I Noticed is a creative mindfulness practice started by Willow Older and Deborah Huber. On their Instagram feed you’ll find their often whimsical, sometimes touching observations—which combine words and sketches—that capture the ordinary, yet magical, moments of daily life. In our conversation, Willow and Deborah share how Today I Noticed started unexpectedly during a day trip to San Francisco. They talk about how their lives have changed—for the better!— since they started noticing and recording what’s happening around them and within them. Turns out the prompt, “Today I noticed” is a simple yet powerful reminder to slow down and appreciate the sweet, silly, everyday moments we all experience but rarely notice. Willow and Deborah have discovered that doing so helps us feel happier, nourished, and grateful. Today, nearly three years into their noticing adventure, the “partners in creative crime” are leading corporate workshops, building a global online community, and pursuing a variety of publishing projects to inspire others to dial-up their joy by strengthening their own noticing muscles. 

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