After going through breast cancer at 42, Dara Kurtz gained the courage and insight to completely change her life and career. Dara started the Crazy Perfect Life blog and self published her first book, Crush Cancer. Today, Dara continues to blog to her 195k followers on Facebook, write and take on a growing number of speaking engagements. Dara’s second book, I am My Mother’s Daughter, is a love letter to her mother who she lost to cancer too early, when Dara was only 28.

In our conversation, Dara shares her story and the milestones along her path to creating a job and lifestyle that feels like a ‘joyful playground’. It was not an easy path. Losing her mother shattered Dara’s world, and then getting diagnosed with breast cancer while her two daughters were still young was Dara’s greatest nightmare. Dara bravely made it through to the other side, and along the way, she learned how gratitude and mindset can change everything.  If you need inspiration to overcome a challenge, or get the courage to start on working on a career switch, this conversation is for you.

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