#168 How Kristen Berman is Helping Companies Understand the Psychology of Consumer Behavior

Kristen Berman, Co-Founder of Irrational Labs, fell in love with behavioral economics instantly. While Kristen was a Product Manager at Intuit, she met behavioral economist Dan Ariely and knew she was meant for this type of work. Kristen emailed Dan to offer help on projects. Dan agreed and they worked on several projects together including building Google’s behavioral economics team. Today, they are partners in Irrational Labs taking on a variety of projects that help companies design strategies and tactics that encourage consumers to change their behavior and improve habits. A recent project involved helping Tik Tok design nudges that decreased the sharing of misinformation by about 24%.

In our conversation we discuss the type of work Kristen does, the field of behavioral economics and how Kristen is living her own behavioral change experiment by sharing a home with a group of friends in a community living arrangement.  If you are curious about human behavior and behavioral change, you will love this conversation.

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