Cheryl Saban’s extraordinary life is a beautiful tapestry of diverse experiences, different careers, and helping others. In the latest chapter of her life, Cheryl is focused on her glass blowing business and her philanthropy work.  Through the Saban Family Foundation, Cheryl and her husband have donated $420 million to 1000 organizations and causes focused mainly on children, education and women’s health including the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, The Rape Treatment Center and Birthright Israel. At Saban Glass, Cheryl fulfils her artistic calling by immersing herself into the process of creating exquisite glassware. Cheryl has published books, written for television and holds a doctorate in psychology.

Life was not always easy for Cheryl. In her early twenties, when Cheryl was a single mom struggling financially, she went to a free clinic in Los Angeles. In our conversation, Cheryl recalls being moved by the kind treatment she received there, and also convinced of a need for free community clinics. Through the Saban Foundation, Cheryl has donated $10 million to the Los Angeles Free Clinic, currently named the Saban Community Clinic due to the generous support of the Saban Foundation. In our conversation, we discuss some of the full circle moments in Cheryl’s life, major milestones and Cheryl shares advice on making major life choices.

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