Claire Bidwell Smith is a grief counselor and author. Claire’s path to her current profession came from losing both her parents to cancer while Claire was still young. At first, Claire was in shock and tried to run from the overwhelming grief and anxiety she was feeling. Eventually, Claire decided to become a therapist and worked in private practice for over a decade. Claire went on to write three books about dealing with grief, anxiety and loss. Today, Claire is continuing her work to help people with grief by speaking widely and  working with organizations devoted to helping people find end of life and grief support.

In our conversation, we discuss how Claire found her way to becoming a therapist and writer. Claire shares the experiences that changed her and we talk about some of Clarie’s adventures while researching for her book, After This, an exploration of what happens when we die. If you have faced grief, or want to prepare yourself for dealing with grief that eventually reaches all of us, you don’t want to miss this conversation.

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