There is no doubt that Christina Dorr Drake was meant to be a co-founder of Willa’s Oat Milk. Christina grew up drinking her grandmother’s special recipe of oat milk. When Christina and her sister, Elena Dorr Zienda, realized the market was missing an oat milk that was both delicious and nutritious, like the one they had as kids, they saw the opportunity and went for it. Christina and Elena decided they had the recipe, experience and complementary skills to launch their own brand and they lovingly named it after their grandmother. Christina’s background in marketing and strategy for food brands combined with Elena’s experience in food manufacturing and distribution gave them the skills and confidence to launch Wila’s Oat Milk.

In our conversation, Christina walks us through how they actually started Willa’s.  We discuss how they handled packaging, manufacturing,  distribution channels and the ways Willa’s has committed to creating organic, nutritious products with sustainable practices. We also discuss the quick sales channel changes the co-founders had to make when their launch coincided with Covid. Today, Willa’s future is looking very bright. Oat milk is currently the second most popular plant based dairy product, and demand continues to grow. Listen to hear an inspiring startup story and you may be inspired to start something new in your life.

Willa’s Oat Milk

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