If you are interested in investing, specifically in early stage investment funds, you will love this conversation with Leslie Goldman, Co-Founder of The Artemis Fund. Leslie shares how her 20 year legal career as General Counsel led her down a path  to board advising, investing and then to finding two co-founders who were the perfect partners for Artemis. The Artemis Fund’s vision is to invest in companies  democratizing access to wealth, encouraging sustainability, and reducing friction in the care economy.

We discuss how Leslie and her partners raised their first fund,”one check at a time”. Leslie predicts between her partners and their networks they probably had 1000 meetings and talked to any accredited investors who were willing to listen. Leslie shares how her partners decide on investments, their diligence process  and Leslie tells us about a few of their exciting current investments, including unest, Dressx and Hop Skip Drive. Leslie shares the biggest challenges in managing an investment fund and how her responsibilities are growing as their portfolio companies grow. If you listen to this episode and start to dream about working for an investment fund, Leslie shares how she learned about the space and how she started her first investments. For those considering angel investing, Leslie suggests tiny bets with sites like Seedinvest and to be aware,  “If you are going to start investing in this asset class – first of all you need to have money you can lose.” Leslie suggests you learn how to do diligence and analyze companies, and then you can start making bigger bets or invest in a fund. This is a fascinating conversation with a woman who is so clearly meant for her career path, her role and the impact she is making for female founders and the world.

The Artemis Fund

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