Alex Otte is Mother’s Against Drunk Driving youngest National President. Alex got involved with MADD when she was hit by a boat driven by a drunk driver. Alex’s injuries were life-threatening, severe and long lasting. Today, Alex is using her voice, her story and her passion to advocate for an end to drunk driving. While there is good news coming in 2026 about an almost complete reduction in drunk driving due to new technologies that will be implemented in all new cars, with an estimated 9,400 lives saved and countless injuries prevented annually from the new technologies once all cars on the road are equipped, there is still so much we can do today. An estimated 10,000 people die per year due to drunk driving and more than 300,000 are injured annually. With several years left before the new technology makes it to new cars, there are still going to be tens of thousands of lives lost. Think about that for a minute – tens of thousands of preventable deaths, and hundreds of thousands of preventable injuries caused by drunk driving. If you want to be a part of preventing drunk driving deaths and injuries, you can get involved with your local MADD chapter. Listen in to hear how Alex endured a horrible tragedy and has made it her mission to prevent future deaths and injuries and to support victims and survivors. This is a more serious topic, but it is one we must pay attention to. Next time you think you can make a difference to prevent the next drunk driving incident, take the action. Your future will thank you.

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