Laura Garnett came to performance strategy after a career crisis with a job that left her sick and depressed. Instead of staying on a path that Laura didn’t care about and where she could not perform at a high level, Laura had the confidence to make a change. Laura used her curiosity, work ethic and unique set of talents to study what makes people happiest at work, eventually writing books on this topic and becoming a performance strategist consultant. Today, “Laura guides CEOs, Executives, Entrepreneurs, and teams to new heights of success by shining a light on their unique purpose, values, and abilities, transforming the way they work.” Laura also writes extensively and has been published in Fast Company, Time, and The Muse, with recurring columns in Inc. and Forbes.

In Part 1 of our conversation, Laura shares how she got on her career path, why she is so passionate about helping people find careers they were meant for and offers tips for how you can find your personal zone of genius. We hope you remember this nugget of golden advice from Laura as you consider your life path, “Your purpose is your impact on others or the world that is most meaningful to you.”