During 2019 – 2017, Sarah Hurwitz was a White House speechwriter starting out as a senior speechwriter for President Barack Obama and then serving as head speechwriter for First Lady Michelle Obama. Sarah shares what it was like to write speeches for the Obamas and the career path that led her to speechwriting. We also discuss how a decision to take a beginner’s class on Judaism led  Sarah down a transformational journey. Sarah grew up culturally Jewish and didn’t fully understand or connect to her religion until the beginner’s class changed everything. In Sarah’s book, Here All Along, Sarah shares what she learned about Jewish wisdom ranging from holidays, rituals, and prayer to Jewish conceptions of God, death, and social justice. If you are a cutural Jew or just interested in learning about Judaism, we think you will love the wisdom in Sarah’s book and how accessible it is to help you understand the history of Jewish wisdom and values that have been carried forward for thousands of years. We also discuss Sara’s latest part time job as a hospital chaplain and the meaning it has brought to her life. We loved this deeply spiritual conversation with Sarah!