Kristien Carbone’s idea for Brilliantly Warm came from a deeply personal experience of having a preventative mastectomy. After the surgery,Kristen was surprised that she was always cold due to the implants. When Kristen realized she wasn’t alone, and 75% of women face the coldness issue, she looked for a solution. Hand warmers didn’t solve the problem, and there was nothing on the market that came close. As a true entrepreneur, Kristen became determined to solve the problem. Kristen shares how she found the courage and community that allowed her to build the product for Brilliantly Warm, a small heating device that could be placed into a bra. We discuss how Kristen found investors to grow her business, the challenges along the way and how Kristen is building Brilliantly step by step. The market size for Brilliantly Warm has expanded since Kristen realized it could be used by breastfeeding moms and for menstrual cramps or simply to stay warm.

We discuss how Kristen’s art history background and work experience helped her as a start-up founder and how Kristen’s upbringing gave her the risk tolerance to boldly pursue her business idea despite the risks. Kristen has just enough crazy in her to follow her dream. Kristen has an art history background without technical experience and is a busy divorced mom with two teenage children. This conversation may inspire you to go after the business dream that is on your mind. If you see Brilliantly Warm at your local Target one day, we hope you will remember this conversation with a smile.

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