If you had been told which majors were fast-tracks to careers in the fastest-growing job markets, would you have approached your college education a little differently? Don’t worry, we’re right there with you.

The fact is, the job market is evolving quickly and even the most educated among us can find it hard to keep ahead of the what’s-hot-now curve. What are the best majors? What does it mean to be qualified? How can I find a job with a salary to afford me a solid 401k? 

That’s where Tara Sinclair comes in. As a senior fellow economist at Indeed and an associate professor at George Washington University, Tara has the inside information on the industries that are growing and what it takes to be a part of them. In episode 25 of I Want Her Job: The Podcast, be prepared for more than a few surprises in terms of markets you might want to explore. 

Tara takes Editor Polina Selyutin behind the velvet rope of the job-hunting process to give you the keys to not only land a job, but also find a career with continual forward momentum from entry level to upper management. Additionally, they discuss some of the hottest markets, the gig economy and why labor literacy is so important.