Margot Kane from the Calvert Foundation joins us to discuss impact investing. If you are want to know more about an entirely new way of investing that allows you to invest money while improving communities around the world, join us as we discuss the work Margot is doing. You may be surprise to learn if you have a tax ID and twenty dollars, you too can become an impact investor today! We discuss what impact investing is, projections for growth in this tremedously exciting sector, examples of impact investments, and the potential within impact investing to transform some of our biggest social issues around the world. 

Topics discussed in today’s show:

  • If you want to learn more about this field, don’t be scared off by the Finance side. Margot Kane says “ Finance is not rocket science, it’s more fancy arithmetic”.
  • “Women are basically going to be running all of this, so don’t be shy about jumping in with both feet if this is what excites you”
  • “Impact investing is a mismatch, a multi-disciplinary practice, it encompasses everything” says Margot.
  • Margot’s projects for communities and women investing in women.
  • Learn more about impact investing at GIIN and  read here to for inspiration on why we need more women in finance.