If you love writing, blogging, photography, creating content — and having control of your future while developing your own business — we think you will enjoy hearing how Lauryn Evarts created her blog and brand, The Skinny Confidential. When Lauryn started blogging 6 years ago, she was broke and miserable working in a bartending job. Today, With six employees, Lauryn is running her own business. 

In today’s episode of I Want Her Job: the Podcast, we talk to Lauryn about how she engages with her audience, her mindset for setting goals and dealing with criticism. She also shares how she chipped away every day at the goals she made for her blog. “Every day when I laid my head on the pillow I had built The Skinny Confidential in some small way,” she says. 

Now as a professional blogger, Lauryn shares some practical advice for what it takes. “If you can’t deal with criticism probably being an influencer is not the way to go,” she says. But if you can? Well, we think the upside could be that it’s your dream job.