Kimberly Cassady is VP of Talent for Cornerstone OnDemand, a company that provides businesses with software to recruit, train and manage their employees. Cortnerstone has made it on to many best places to work lists including Forbes and Glassdoor.

If you only remember one thing from this show,  Kimberly suggests all of us just make the ask. If you hear about upcoming projects at your company, just ask for the opportunity. 

Kimberly’s role leading a manufacturing floor scared her and forced her to adopt a fake it till you make it approach. Today, Kimberly’s operations experience has given her the confidence she uses every day in her role as VP of Talent.  Looking back on her career, Kimberly says “If you were to look at the aggregate of my career I probably have more failures than I do successes, but I am willing to take the chance and I am ok with the failure. I am ok if it’s a learning experience as a result of it.” 

Kimberly attributes some of her success in her willingness to test ideas and take action, “I would rather take the incorrect action as opposed to no action”, says Kimberly, as she shares the trial and error approach that has resulted in more chances to learn and succeed.