Marta Bralic is VP of Business Development at Flatiron, a digital health company selected by the The World Economic Forum as one of the 30 most promising Technology Pioneers of 2016.  At I Want Her Job, we get excited by technology for social impact and flatiron’s technology is fighting cancer in such an exciting and transformative way. Flatiron’s cloud based software is bringing together cancer centers and hospitals to allow more sharing of cancer data with a goal of accelerating the ability to identify opportunities for cancer treatment and research. “The magic happens at Flatiron when you have an oncologist or nurse sitting side by side with an engineer and they are looking at a screen or at a whiteboard and they are trying to figure out how to solve a clinical problem or a data problem actually using some of the modern software applications that are used in other industries but haven’t so far been applied in a place like oncology” says Marta. For those of you motivated by working on health related problems and using technology to fight cancer, we think you will love learning about Flatiron and career opportunities in digital health.