As the popular writer of books including I Know How She Does It and What The Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast Laura Vanderkam could deliver a masterclass on productivity and time management. Intrigued by time management and the art of planning, Laura has collected and analyzed hundreds of daily schedules from women. Her research has found that the art of planning your days, weeks, months and years with both short-term and long-term vision, you can have a successful career, while also intentionally planning for ways to celebrate and enjoy life.   Laura firmly believes that there are ways women can confidently pursue their careers, while also having a family life they love. In fact, her research has shown that women who have leadership roles can actually have more of a work/life balance. “Don’t fear the big job,” she advises. It turns out that many big jobs are actually more family-friendly than jobs that are, in theory, less demanding. “When you are high up in the ladder, you call the shots [and] the meeting happens at a time that is convenient for you.”   In episode 53 of I Want Her Job: The Podcast Laura shares other advice for going big. She also speaks with Host Polina Selyutin about the “myth” of the 85-hour workweek, the importance of planning out your weekend and more.