If you love design and user experience, this is a podcast for you. Today we speak with Wendy McKennon, head of user experience at Color Genomics — a digital health startup with a mission to help people make the most of their health information.

  Color Genomics is most known for its lower-cost $250 physician-ordered genetic test that is available to determine an individual’s breast and ovarian cancer risk. The lower cost of this test is transformative in the way it changes how people can afford and access this information for their personal health. In addition, the company also has expanded to offer testing for the eight most-common hereditary cancers, as well as a test for high cholesterol risk.    When Wendy joined the Color Genomics team as its first designer, she worked with only five others. Today, she leads product and design for a team double that size. In episode 54 of I Want Her Job: The Podcast, we speak with Wendy about what it’s like to work in user experience, the qualities Wendy looks for when hiring for her team, her biggest source of inspiration and learn about the incredible inspirations in her life that have shaped her interests.