Alisha Gaddis is the consummate I Want Her Job Leading Lady. She’s an actress, musician, author, comedienne, wife and mom. Not only does Alisha wear a plethora of hats, but she’s also damn good at what she does. She is an Emmy-winning actress, to be exact, and along with her husband, Lucky Diaz, the two are the first Americans ever to win a Latin Grammy in the children’s category for their music in Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band. In addition, the two lovable entertainers who are reminiscent of a modern-day, kiddo-friendly Lucy and Ricky, star in Lishy Lou and Lucky Too! on The Friday Zone on PBS. And with 26 episodes under their belt, Alisha and Lucky are set to film season two.

In addition, Alisha is an editor and author of multiple books, including Women’s Comedic Monologues That Are Actually Funny, and the just-released book in the same applause acting series, Teen Girls’ Comedic Monologues That Are Actually Funny. And Alisha knows a thing or two about being funny. She’s performed comedy in top venues and on multiple network TV channels and has even opened for Ray Romano, Drew Carey and Sarah Silverman. Alisha also has an innate eye for design, and her Silverlake home with Lucky was even featured on Apartment Therapy twice!

At I Want Her Job we adore Alisha so much. Since our interview with her three years ago, we’ve watched her career in awe, and consider her the ultimate Leading Lady. She’s graceful, successful, kind, humorous and a champion of women. She even let us use her likeness for our “About” page. [Talk about nice!] Listen to our latest episode and you’ll walk away a fan girl, too.


  • Her Music: How Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band came to life and to living rooms everywhere!
  • Success Sauce: Find out the secrets to Alisha’s wild success. A hint? Alisha always says “yes” when opportunities appear and does not stop at rejection. For reals. She got her first literary agent after 250 rejections!
  • The Creative Process: Alisha discusses her self-study masterclass approach to teaching herself how to start new creative projects in music, theatre, TV shows and book publishing. “You have to know the structure of what comes before you in order to bust out and create your own work,” she says.
  • Discovering Her Calling: “Be open to what the universe presents you,” Alisha says.
  • The Art of a Deal: Despite an amazing opportunity with a big box store falling through, Alisha was determined a book was still in her future. Based on her inspiration by fellow female comedians, Alisha pitched her agent the idea for monologue series that’s now five books strong. Find them on Amazon here.
  • In 5 Years: In an interview with our site five years ago, Alisha had just started out in her band. We asked her where she saw herself in five years. Her predictions, including winning a Grammy, game true! “Never let someone tell you your goals are too big or too silly,” she says.
  • Family First: Alisha shares how her father, a successful football coach, and her mother, a kindergarten teacher, influenced her work ethic, ambition and joyful optimism.
  • Pursuing Comedy As A Career: “You can make people see more truth if you are making them laugh than if you are preaching to them,” Alisha says.
  • Never Give Up: Alisha believes in pushing past rejection and has a mantra of “work wins!” She advises to never stop pursuing your dream because, “You could be just three feet from gold.”
  • Additional Advice: Read more about Alisha and find out her advice for fellow women entertainers on her I Want Her Job interview.
  • Learn More: Get more information about Alisha Gaddis and her body of work here.
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