Grace Kraaijvanger is the founder of The Hivery, a women’s co-working space located in Mill Valley, California. But, as good as she is at creating a delightful environment for her members, her goals go beyond simply offering a beautiful space. The Hivery, Grace says, aims to be a community and movement of women supporting one another. In today’s episode, Grace shares how her career in professional dance and marketing roles merged with her desire to build community, and led to her idea for The Hivery.   We also discuss how a powerful, personal loss changed Grace, and how we feel loss can transform our lives. She also shares her funding story, lessons learned along her path and the way that her previous career in dance taught her the power of resilience and showing up. “So much of what I learned in dance is [about] showing up when you don’t feel like it,” Grace says. “in life, all kinds of crazy things are going to go wrong. [For example,] kids are going to get sick and things are not always going to go according to plan, but we have to show up, and we have to keep showing up.”   If you’ve had an itch to make a change in your life, we hope Grace’s story of launching The Hivery also will inspire you to make your bold move.