Jay Newton-Small is co-founder and CEO of MemoryWell, a network of professional journalists who are using their writing talents to tell the stories of those suffering from Alzheimer’s and other dementias. These stories help caregivers preserve memories and care for people who have memory related health problems. With the number of people in the US with Alzheimer’s and memory related illnesses at a staggering 11M, and expected to triple by 2030, this is one of the biggest health problems we are facing. Previously, Jay was the Washington correspondent for TIME Magazine and a journalist for Bloomberg News. Jay is also the author of Broad Influence: How Women Are Changing the Way America Works. In today’s show, we discuss Jay’s inspiration for founding Memorywell, Jay’s start up journey, and we dive into the some of the powerful ideas from Jay’s book. Broad Influence examines the concept of critical mass: when women are at least 20 percent of a group, they are more able to use their strengths on the job such as communication, compromising, collaborating across party lines and forming alliances.  As you can probably imagine, these are all skills that can be tremendously useful within many types of organizations. We also discuss a fact many ladies are not aware of, public service roles across 40 states are actually ideal for flexibility and part time hours!