Imagine living in a winery with 50 acres of vineyards to stroll through during evening moonlit hours. Imagine a place where you can invite friends and family, host events and tastings, and where your kids can grow up with dozens of acres as their domain. This is a dream winemaker Lauren Belden and her husband, Nate, have brought to life with Belden Barns, a Sonoma winery, where they create a variety red and white wines. Lauren and Nate Belden have an ambitious and exciting vision of creating a different type of wine tasting experience that provides the opportunity for you to experience and learn about winemaking and agriculture with interactive, family-friendly experiences.    In today’s episode of I Want Her Job: The Podcast, Lauren shares the glamorous and not-so-glamorous part of running a winery. Although it’s easy to romanticize running a winery, Lauren sheds some light on the labor and difficulties involved in the industry. At different times of the day, Lauren and her husband are the only members of the distribution, marketing, account management, customer service or sales departments teams of Belden Barns. Luckily, this husband and wife team each bring a set of different strengths to their business, and that has allowed Belden Barns to flourish. Their founding story built on love also includes a wishing tree that is helping guests of Belden Barns wish for their own dreams.