Imagine if you could travel the world, creating videos and social media content that wanderlusts all over the world consume on the daily. With more than 378,000 YouTube subscribers and a popular travel vlog, Hey Nadine, Nadine Sykora has a gig that does just that. And with travel to 49+ countries under her belt in the last 7 years, she’s a go-to for adventure advice and travel tips.

In today’s episode of I Want Her Job: The Podcast, we talk to Nadine about what it’s like to share her experiences with others on various digital channels, how she started her vlog, her best tools for creating vibrant and engaging content, and tips for others who are interested in traveling around the globe – and making a living off of it. We also talk with Nadine about her important role as a brand influencer, including her partnership with Best Western, and learn more about what she does as an influencer and why she loves her partnership with the brand.

Listen in as we ask Nadine about a few of her favorite travel adventures and find out more about her dream-worthy job.