Lesley Jane Seymour has made a career out of connecting and supporting women. Whether it was providing guidance for teens during her editor-in-chief tenure at YM magazine, or for young women while at the helm of Redbook and Marie Claire. And before her newest venture, she took this role of chief connector and supporter to the pages of More magazine, where she created history by including Michelle Obama as guest editor for an entire issue of the glossy.   Now as the Founder and CEO of CoveyClub, Lesley is aiming to enrich the lives of women in the middle of their careers through support via the platform and community. In today’s episode of I Want Her Job The Podcast, we speak with Lesley about inspired her to launch CoveyClub, why she’s so motivated to help women face challenges in the corporate world during the middle of their lives, and we hear about her audacious goals for CoveyClub. We also talk to her about depression, her ideas for getting unstuck through lifelong learning and more. Her wisdom in today’s episode is delivered with truth and a special honesty that comes naturally to her. We hope the episode inspires you as you take your next step forward toward a well-lived life.