In today’s episode of I Want Her Job The Podcast we are speaking with a woman who is leading a company that is utilizing technology to change education for the better. Jamie Candee is the president, CEO and board director at Edmentum, an education technology company providing web-based learning programs and solutions to more than 1 million children in 40,000 schools across every state in the nation.   In our interview we speak with Jamie about how she followed her lifelong passion for education to a career that nourishes her soul, while also helping to improve educational service options for thousands of students. We talk about her clear and ambitious goals, her impressive path to CEO, as well as discuss her other senior roles she held prior to this position in Operations, Revenue and Product Strategy. Jamie also shares her management philosophies and advice for pursuing — and getting — senior leadership roles.   Jamie’s enthusiasm and commitment to her career in education is so incredibly inspiring, that it may very well convince you to explore a path in educational technology. Listen on for more.