Sarah K. Peck is a force. She’s a writer, startup advisor, yoga teacher, and founder/executive director of Startup Pregnant– a media company documenting the stories of women’s leadership across work and family. Previously she worked as vice president of communications for a Y Combinator-backed startup, One Month, where she also was a successful writing and communications consultant, published in more than 75 online publications.   Sarah also is a 20-time All-American swimmer who swam the Escape From Alcatraz marathon nine separate times. And we also can’t forget to mention the time Sarah swam the 1.5-mile freezing swim from Alcatraz in San Francisco Bay in only a swim cap and goggles to raise money of charity: water.   In today’s show we open up the thought process behind how Sarah achieves her audacious goals. We discuss yes, her amazing swimming accomplishments, as well as her move from a job in the architecture and design industry to a career she created for herself in writing and communications consulting. We also talk about how she developed her own curriculum on storytelling that was sold through her site and General Assembly. Then we talk about how her blog, writing and consulting work led her on a path to working at a startup, and eventually, how her first pregnancy led her to create the business idea for her eventual business, Startup Pregnant.   In talking to Sarah, we were enamored with the creativity she uses to design her life and to rethink traditional ideas about how we do things at work and in our own lives. Known for her deep and thoughtful approaches to solving business problems, we have a feeling everyone will take something away from our interview with her in episode 81 of I Want Her Job The Podcast.