Jessica Jackson Sloan is currently serving as council member for Mill Valley and as the National Director of Cut50, a bipartisan organization working to reduce incarceration rates and to make communities safer. Previously she served as Mayor and Vice Mayor of Mill Valley.     Jessica was the 18th guest on I Want Her Job The Podcast, and her episode was one of our top 10 most-downloaded shows. Today, we check back in with Jessica to hear what she’s been working on since we last talked. And in today’s episode she shares ways to get involved today in your local government. While most of us aren’t going to run for mayor — thought it’s worth considering! — there are usually dozens of local opportunities within your city. They can bring a great sense of fulfillment and community spirit that can enrich your life as you help your neighbors.   Also with today’s show, we are adding a new series format called our Career Quickie. Of course, we will still bring in-depth, thought-provoking conversations with our Leading Ladies, but we will also add in these short shows — up to only 15 minutes — that either check-in with a former interviewee, provide an actionable tip you can apply to your life, or provide a sneak peek at some of the best advice in our series of website interviews.   We’d love to hear from you. Let us know what you think of our new format by reaching out to us at, and as always, you can visit for more inspiring interviews. Now let’s check in with Jessica.